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Thiago Kadooka

keep weapons after death

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sorry if this is already being answered elsewhere, i honestly couldn't find any information about this.

so, im playing zandronum with a friend, and we love to play a coop(in this case survive mode) to beat some demons and stuff. But the thing is, when we play, we choose 3 lives because we want the thrill of the challenge and death, but when we die all lives and have to restart the level, we dont have any weapon we picked and no ammo, just the start kit stuff.

is there a way to restart with weapons and ammo? because later in the game some levels become almost unbearable without some ammo and weapons.

i dont mind trying to change to zdoom (or gzdoom i actually dont know too much about the difference) or something else, as long as i can play a coop with one or two friends along to beat some campaings together without infinite lives.

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There's no way to do it in survival mode that I know of, once you're out of lives I'm pretty sure your inventory always resets. The only way to avoid this is to play in cooperative mode. The command SV_Coop_LoseInventory 0 is what allows you to keep your stuff once you die. You could also try SV_ShotgunStart and SV_DoubleAmmo to make respawning more bearable, but again I think these commands only work in co-op.

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