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Phobos Society

Fall of Society project for ZDOOM

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Fall of Society is done! 4 maps for ZDoom v2.8.1 by Scrangus McBrickdad, glenzinho, bigolbilly, A. Gamma.





Fall of Society is the first of hopefully at least more than one community projects to be conducted under the banner of the Phobos Society. This project will be targeted for ZDoom final version v2.8.1 which can be downloaded here. All ZDoom formats will be accepted, which means UDMF and Doom in Hexen. If you'd like you can even map in Boom or regular old Doom format, as long as you're testing it in ZDoom so that the resources function correctly and to make sure your triggers and effects are working as intended. Although there is a GLDEFS lump inside the resource pack, this is not targeted to GZDoom so if you put something in that doesn't function in regular old ZDoom, leave it out.

Textures and flats have been selected from the Cage Texture Packs 1 & 2, Forest Swords, Silver Texture Pack & Doom 1 textures for Doom 2 from Realm667, Chaos Theory and Firetop Mountain.

Mapping Deadline: It's over! Compilation and release coming soon!



After this I will allow a week or two for bugfixing and final testing and polishing if required. Mappers can submit more than one map. Although we're using ZDoom, you don't have to make War and Peace. A nice 10-20 minute affair hits the spot I reckon, shorter is cool too. If you're going for a 30 minute plus epic, show me updates along the way.



Although community projects can by their very nature yield inconsistent results, I'd like to get a rough theme going for progression purposes. To achieve this, I would like one mapper to volunteer to make an outdoors map, and another mapper to volunteer to make a city map. Anything apart from these two maps can be whatever you feel like making. I will accept more than one outdoors and city map if they turn up on my doorstep.

I will accept:
* Custom skies. I've included a bunch of skies from Mechadon's Box of Skies v2, but as stated you can supply your own if desired. Default SKY1 is STARSKY1.
* Custom music. MIDI or MP3 it's all good as long as it's not copyrighted. Obviously that mainly applies to MP3s.
* Custom textures on approval. There's a decent amount to choose from in the resource file, try to keep it at that.
* Jumping and crouching. This is a ZDoom mapset, and while I prefer you keep the jumping and crouching to a minimum and restricted to secrets, or bonus areas or not used for mandatory progression pathing, you are the mapper and can use as you like. I ask that if possible you make it obvious for the player that jumping or crouching is intended.

There are 3 new enemies:


Suicide Bomber



We all know and love this silly little guy and I get quite the kick out of his screaming sound. In reality though, this guy is a dangerous moving barrel that explodes on contact with the player when placed well. Use him with that in mind.

Baby Cacodemon



Don't be fooled by how cute this litle caco is. It has its own projectile like its mama and in swarm numbers can pose a serious threat. Baby Cacodemon is intended to fill the flying monster gap between Lost Soul and regular Cacodemon.




Based on the Diabolist, this is the red hot cousin of the Archvile. While it doesn't resurrect the dead, it has a range of fiery attacks that can mess up friend and foe alike rapidly. Takes about 4 SSG shots or 4 rockets to put down.

There are some cool decorations:


The lost pile of gibs from 1993 that John Romero gifted us a couple of years back


Revenant gore

RGORA0.png RGORB0.png  RGORC0.png  RGORD0.png


NTR1A0.png  NTR3A0.png  NTR5A0.png  NTREA0.png   NTR4A0.png NTR2A0.png  TRESA0B0.png


HETRG0.png HETRA0.png HETRC0.png HETRD0.png HETRH0.png HETRI0.png  HETRJ0.png


More gruesome decorations

HPOLB0.png  HPOLC0.png  BUNSA0.png  NJDGA0.png   HPOLD0.png  HARMA0.png  NJDHA0.png   BLCHA0.png  SBONA0.png

Junk piles

JPILA0.png  JPILB0.png


Resource pack examples:








All guidelines and rules are up for fair debate, but will be hard locked in by the 14th of September. Say what you want to say before then or forever hold your peace. Thanking all participants, spectators, well wishers and people who think we suck in advance, come and make some fun!



Edited by Phobos Society

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Hmm... so many community projects this year. I really don't know can I'll participate or not, because I'm already into 2 CP's whose deadlines is very near, and planned make something for DMP and Omega. I want to wish luck to you with this start and I'll be watching your project.

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May I ask why you are targeting ZDoom 2.8.1? Development on ZDoom is dead and it seems odd to allow UDMF but target ZDoom, since modern UDMF with GZDoom is much more feature rich. I'd suggest only allowing one map format because you'll possibly end up with the maps being many formats and not all of them loading in different ports. Good luck on your project nonetheless.

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Man that pile of gibs is amazing! Where can I find this? Also... baby Cacos? Oh my god, could they be any cuter???

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Hi, Phobos society!

I'm interested in your project.


Can you go for a more recent port, either gzdoom or qzdoom would be better.

UDMF support would be better for this sort of thing.

Not that I'm trying to tell you what to do or anything.

That's all I have to say atm, a few extra pictures of the resources would be good or a complete map or 2.

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10 hours ago, Phobos Society said:

Baby Cacodemon




6 hours ago, elend said:

baby Cacos? Oh my god, could they be any cuter???

This immediately made me think of:


from @MFG38's post about the cutest floating monster.




In all seriousness, I love the compiled resource pack and the concept. I don't have the skills in either ZDoom format to pull off a map in the next 6 weeks and I don't think I'll have the time to do it, anyway.


I like the project, though, and wish you good luck on it.

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I'll take a spot :)


May I use just a handful of textures from the Shadow Warrior texture set? I would like to use the signs mostly. I have a ghost in the shell cityscape type thing in mind.


Edited by Major Arlene

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For simplicity and to not have to repeat it at many different locations, if I still have access to a certain one that is, here is my take on why ZDoom?


Thanks for the interest of those interested! Major Arlene, if you'd like to contact me through the hosted project site I will be happy to discuss adding more custom tex with you.

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2 hours ago, Kore said:

Looks like it was dead before coming out.


Looks can be deceiving! There’s been some coordination on various Discords, and I’m actually about to turn in a map. The deadline was bumped to November 1. There are a couple of maps already in wip state and maybe another couple coming, so it’s far from dead... it just smells funny.

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Thanks for pointing that out Bill and for reminding me to use deodorant in future! Just waiting on A. Gamma to send his finished map (screens here) and possibly another by a Tactical Cake of Super Cup-sized proportions and it will be compiled and foisted onto an unsuspecting public.

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Awesome stuff. It was fun participating in this little project, even if my map ended up pushing it back! 

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