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Is this CTF map any good? (Custom map)

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Notes: Detailing is all temporary! Just testing the layout. Also, I wasn't sure which port to use, so I made it in Zandronum (Doom format) since that has Flag Things.

Also I only have 4 spawn points per team so far. Also bots get stuck in the Flag room canal.


I've been playing a lot of Team Fortress and I tried my hand at making a CTF map for Doom. I don't really know what the do's and don'ts are for CTF mapping, though I'd heard a lot of negative things regarding how likely it is to be played, so I whipped this up quickly. It's a tiny, fast-paced level with crisscrossing routes and not much room.


Automap Overview






Sewer/Teleporter Lobby (Blue)



Flagroom view (Red)





The centre is divided in two by an acid pit, meaning you'll have to run across from one side to another. There are two doors to take; the main one connects to the Flag room and the left-hand one descends into the canal in the Flag room. Alternatively, you can take the risky route and drop down into the nukage sewer, which will let you run right around to near the back of the base - you can try and sneak a capture in this way!


The Flag itself is on a raised platform that connects to a back room. The platform is surrounded by a canal that has leads to the side entrance and to a Teleporter that exits in the same lobby as the sewer path, and the canal is surrounded by a walkway that connects the rest of the paths. There's a superfast lift that connects the walkway to the back rooms behind the Flag which can be lowered to pass between the Flag canal and the side entrance.

Also there's a Soulsphere platform in the very centre that can be lowered by hitting the switch in the left entrance. idk if it's good or not, might replace it with a weapon of some kind.

The level itself is very small and compact, currently only ideal for about 8 players. Does it need widening? Let me know what you think!





If anyone has any thoughts or ideas to offer, I'd really love to hear them! I'm quite interested to hear what the rules are for CTF maps.

I don't think I've got the weapon placement down yet, and the layout is subject to change if anyone points out glaring flaws with it.

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Visually, this map is adorable. Even a 2v2 would be very crowded and fast paced here, though. The 'right angle' hallway leading from the flag room to the nukage river+soulsphere room is too narrow and rigid, I'd expand that entire section of the map, meaning the 2 outer hallways are lengthened by about ~192 thus giving you more room to turn that little right angle hallway into a larger smoother 'S bend' type shape. I would also expand the 'nukage river moat' by about 256 units and provide thing-based bridges connecting the two halves, keeping a gap in the bridge around the soulsphere so that a player may hop down to underneath the bridge, giving them multiple paths to take from their base to the opponent's flag. Finally, I would axe the nukage altogether and replace it with non-damaging water.


I'm no CTF guru but this would most certainly help improve the flow of the map. Maybe even expand the outer hallways of each base to be about 192 as opposed to the current ~128. Hope this helps a little!


EDIT: Here's my stunningly beautiful artist's rendition of what you should probably end up with:



The yellow bits in the middle are where the aforementioned 'thing bridges' should go. Curious to see how this develops!

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