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MY DOOM 3 THEORY.....THAT CONNECTS IT TO OTHER GAMES.....(i donno if this is already said....if it is...delete this)....

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i always wondered weather doom 3 was part of the original story....but never able to connect it....but i have a theory for it....

In doom 3 ending...you proceed from cavern 2 to somewhere called the chamber of the hero.....venturing deep into this pit...u can see a sacrophagus....

As u all know....doom slayer from doom 2016 emerges out of a sacrophagus too....moreover...the image with this post is the image from a tablet from this dig site....looks a bit familiar...yeah u already know this part....

Also...there is a video log playing in the dig site...and u can hear about a hero killing off hoardes of enemy.....

i think thats it guys....doom 3 protagonist was never connected to classic doom character....he is a completly different guy.....and the original doom guy was that guy in the sacrophagus....

Thats my theory...☺☺





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I've never noticed that this place is called chamber of the hero. I know that audio log, and the tablet. Theory with sarcophagus is interesting, but for me it's just kind of easter egg. DOOM 3 is a bit like remake of DOOM 1 strongly based on DOOM BIBLE.

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Your theory makes sense except for one thing, the tomb was discovered in hell. Maybe the demons carried the tomb to hell to make sure no one opens it, because you know...RIP AND TEAR!!!

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