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Terry Davis has Died.

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Well, it appears that Terry Davis has died. For those who do not know, he worked on TempleOS, which was a FOSS operating system.


He did many fantastic things in programming.

- He Created TempleOS, a fully featured operating system from scratch

- He created HolyC, a new C dialect built from a combination of C and C++

- He created an entirely new filesystem, Red Sea Filesystem


He was also a schizophrenic. In his life, many people treated him poorly for it. He often acted strangely, and did things such as avoided police officers and stealing vehicles. He was homeless much of his life, and he believes himself to have been spoken to by God.


I did not know him personally, but I'll be damned if he wasn't a man to look up to.


My condolences to his family.

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Did the cuckoo clock say "Bong!" and flumped? Has the merry-go-round broken down?


Well - as it stands, the circus is over and the venue has closed.

Rest in peace, you looney toon.

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