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ZPO'ed! v1.2 [09/10/2018]

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Hello, Doomworld community! 
Some time ago, I and my friend decided to make a mod, where the player controls Ox - protagonist of PO'ed. We tried to recreate all Ox's crazy arsenal and all his wacky enemies. I want to share with you the result of our joint efforts. This is a beta version. There are some bugs, and i'll be glad to see your bugreports.
I hope, you like it!
Known bugs:
MissileCam's projectile control does not work correctly (if someone can help with this problem - send me a private message, I'll be glad)
Download ZPO'ed : https://drive.google.com/open?id=1jjqSocuciuvT-Nxjqxvt5wIkfhtARdDL

nailzx128 : Main DECORATE codding and sprites rip.
Armorum_Adamantium(don't have ZDOOM account) : DECORATE code and widescreen graphics.
SVKaiser : sprites rip and ACS code for some cool things.
DBThanatos : ACS code for Missile Cam.
Kinsie : Anti-Brutal Doom script







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That is actually quite a good idea, aince I have never actually played Po‘ed. Now we need some levels..

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This is awesome! From what I've played of PO'ed this is a faithful and fun recreation. It is also difficult as fisting a velociraptor. Tried it both on vanilla Doom 2 and Freedoom Phase 2 and was getting my ass kicked repeatedly on the medium difficulty ("I don't eat quiche") on the first levels.


The starting arsenal just isn't capable of dealing enough damage to the fast moving and fast firing enemies, and unless I'm missing something there's no armour system so health is rapidly chipped away quicker than it can ever be resupplied. Drill doesn't stunlock enemies like the chainsaw does, makes it a bit more skillful to use.


Of course, these are just issues that happen with differently balanced monsters and weapons are put into levels not designed around them. This first release is still very novel and fun, and gets my nostalgia going buck wild.


Great work by you, your friends, and contributors!

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So, here is the changelog, for peoples, who interested in this mod.

1. I'm recreated (or I tried to recreate?) original weapon animations.

2. Now, MissileCam works good! I used the ACS code from DOOMSTORM for this. BTW, code belongs to DBThanatos. Code of MissileCam's zooming effect belong's to SVKaiser.

3. Added animated items and pickup's (for this feature, i'm completed the PO'ed in third time)

4.Now, some monsters are immune to certain weapons, like in original game (for this feature, i'm completed the game in fourth time)

5. And many more, that i forgot to include in this damn list...
https://drive.google.com/open?id=1gtdXH ... qWuTvBil6s

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