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fog, doesn't seem to fade vertically, can i have this?


it seems to be the case this is true, this makes it hard for me to create a sense of perspective vertically, i was getting confused looking at my skybox buildings and then i realised it wasn't happening in the scene to

is there anyway of doing fog better? shaders or something (i'm a making 100% open gl here so no worries at all about compatibility with software mode)

ideally something like source engine right, with the way it keeps the contrast in the foreground (but maybe i'm asking for too much then)

anyway, just this adds a real sense of vertical depth, like a big pit or something, or imposing buildings.... if anyone could advise me on fog that would be awesome... people have these shader effects going on with molten larva so i bet something professional is possible

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Ok, what I think you mean is GZDoom's colored fade effect doesn't apply to the skybox?


That's very deliberate. Skies in Doom have always been full-bright, and Fade is just essentially colored darkness.


As far as I'm aware, there are a couple of solutions:


1) Manually apply your fade effect to the sky image yourself using Photoshop or whatever.  Pick your fade color, draw a square over the whole image, and make it semi-transparent.  Then your sky should look like it has the fade effect applied.


2) Use a Skyviewpoint Thing. Create a room off at the side and stick your skybox images onto the walls and ceiling themselves (i.e. not as a Sky, but as a normal texture). The Fade effect will apply to them. Then place your Skyviewpoint right in the middle and the effect in the main map should look convincing.

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sorry i was mistaken about this, i was about to produce a screenshot and realised i'd misset settings... also i'm sorta having trouble lining up the fog density with the skybox but i just need to play around with this

er my bad with this question

but actually thanks for the link because this is just gonna help in general

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