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how can I change the color of the hell knight fireball in SLADE

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 how can I get the orange fireball, how can I get that color? for the hell knight would someone give me the commands to change the color of fire and blood balls?

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Note that barons and knights use the exact same projectile, so if you want to recolor the knight's projectile but not the baron's, you'll have to find a way around that.

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No you copy the original sprites from Doom.wad\Doom2.wad (The sprite is called BAL7A0 to BAL7E0) into your wad. Highlight all of them > Right click any of them > Graphic > Color Remap. You will have to read a bit about color remapping in slade3 to finish the job (am not going to write a tutorial; there are many already, sorry!).

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A few steps to do this the right way:


1) Create a new WAD file, name it whatever you want. Add SS_START/SS_END markers.


2) Open DOOM2.WAD and copy the projectile sprites, paste into the markers.


3) Rename them to some other scheme to not replace all of the Hell Knight and Baron projectiles (BAL9 vs BAL7).


4) Right click one and go to color remap. Find the color range to replace and the color range you want as the new one. Change the colors and save the sprite, repeat for the rest.


5) Create a DECORATE lump in your WAD outside of the markers.


6) Inside it, inherit from the projectile actor and the hell knight actor. Change the states of the projectile code to point to the new projectile sprite names. Change the code of the hell knight to use the new projectile in its attack. The wiki will help with this step.

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Better way: Simply define a color translation for the enemy itself (for the fire hands) and the projectile with inherited copies. Here's an example I made which changes the Baron to fire red projectiles akin to Doom 64's design change. No sprite copies are required with this method, and I also included proper GLDEF changes.



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12 hours ago, Bit3s said:

and how can I find that way around that?

That depends on what you're using for port. It's quite easy with a port focused on modding features like GZDoom, it'll be much harder if you want to stay vanilla-compatible.


With GZDoom, you can create a simple actor replacement for the knight, as Nevander explained. With vanilla you'd have to use dehacked to do something like give the knight a different attack pointer, like the imp's (and then his projectiles won't do as much damage) or the mancubus' (and then they'll fire two projectiles instead of one).

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