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Weird GZ Doom Build config error message

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I downloaded GZ Doom Builder on a new laptop, updated my .net framework, downloaded the old version of Direct X needed to run GZ Doom builder......and I get a cascade of configuration error messages. See below;




Does anyone know what 'Invalid assignment. Missing a previous terminator symbol' means?


When I exit out of the above window I get the below message;




I then go into my game configuration menu and I get this;




Everything is greyed-out and I can only click on OK or Cancel. I tried dragging Doom2.wad directly in but it doesn't allow that either.


Any help would be much appreciated! I have searched the forums and it seems no one has had this type of config issue before. I checked my GZ Doom Builder folder and all the configuration files are there too, nothing appears to be missing. 

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Problem solved with a fresh download. The config files somehow got corrupted in the first download.

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