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i need help for this sprites

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Somebody could help me to change horizontally these hell knight knight BOS2A1.png.a3328669139ef81c64fdd0506e3e68e4.pngBOS2A2A8.png.d3037b449f3ef084a918cf34c217dfb2.pngBOS2A3A7.png.72af2c9c622f4fe25f91791c8ce93f5d.pngBOS2A3A7.png.ec157d943ec5ace6bb08b07992f09f02.pngBOS2A5.png.01036d13eae6d13fb7b91e1d68f9001e.png

Note: When I edit the images they are placed under the floor


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You have to change the sprite offsets in SLADE. Just click one of them, click on the "Modify Offsets..." button, set it to "Automatic Offsets" and select "Monster" from the drop-down menu.





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