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Metroid Dreadnought Overhaul - 1.4 (9/16/2018)

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Original Metroid Dreadnought thread here!


What is this?


This is a mod that adds 3D models to Metroid Dreadnought, and fixes a few other problems so it can run in the latest GZDoom. This originally started as a joint venture between RockstarRaccoon and myself, but considering the fallout he's had and the overall reputation of this failed "Metroid Doom" mod, I figured I could at least upload my share of work from that project and integrate it into the base mod so that it isn't entirely lost and distance myself from the drama. I've been working with this mod on and off for 3 years learning my way around modding tools, and this is kind of the culmination of that. While this isn't a ton of stuff, it's work that I'm semi-happy about, and feel that maybe it could improve this already fantastic mod some more.




-3D Arm Cannon models for most of the beams. The exceptions being the Doom Cannon, Chroma Storm, and Long Beam for now.
-3D models for the Gunship, as well as a Chozo statue prop, some of the pickups, and some 3D crates. I plan on adding more!
-Brightmaps for beams and props!

I've also tinkered with the code a bit:

-Morph Ball is now an item that has to be acquired, and it has an item banner and jingle.
-Items can be obtained in morph ball mode.
-Renamed ijon's math functions that were superseded by GZDoom so most things work again.
-Enabled and fixed the Beam Selection HUD, because it's fucking awesome. Default bind is 'Q'.
-Energy Tanks actually fill up 100% now. Health would become "full" at about 2 Energy Tanks and would not fill any further.
-Hopefully made modding easier. You can compile ACS now. Export all scripts to a folder and add to your include path in SLADE. :P


Known Issues


Some bugs that were present before are still here unfortunately.


-Morph Ball pickup does not automatically turn into a Missile pack if the player already has it. Working on a fix...
-Doom Cannon does not appear on the HUD. I believe this is due to me adding the Morph Ball into the mix. Working on a fix... Fixed!
-Space Jump is still fucked. There are some print commands in met_spacejump.h that can help with debugging I think, but this might be beyond my scope... Fixed!
-Power Bombs still spawn without warning, infinitely, after acquiring certain items. Surely this isn't too hard to fix... Fixed!

-Fixing Space Jump borked wall jumping. There isn't any momentum after wall jumping. OHGODWHY  Fixed! ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST
-Speed Booster has an awkward animation with weapons. This is due to using Offset in DECORATE with models. They just kind of disappear when Speed Booster is active. Could probably be improved with a ZScript rewrite.

-Do not even attempt to play this online!!!

-THIS IS NOT MEANT TO BE COMPATIBLE WITH OTHER MODS. Please do not ask for compatibility with BD, Tilt++, or any other advanced gameplay mods! This is advanced enough as it is!


Planned Additions/Fixes

-Give modders the ability to create morph ball tunnel cameras in GZDBBF/SLADE with a simple function (see video below).
-Give modders the ability to create door types in GZDBBF/SLADE so certain beams/missiles will trigger certain doors. This has been done already, but I'm going to do it myself this time.
-Add Screw Attack.
-Shinespark ability.
-3D models for the rest of the pickups and sprites.
-Rework some animations and finish animations for certain actions, like the destructible crates, shooting missiles, and charging beams.




-TerminusEst13 & Ijon Tichy for making this incredible mod.
-Models-Resource for the Metroid Prime model rips.
-Everyone here, because without you, I wouldn't know how to do any of this shit to begin with.


Gameplay Video

This video has a surprise at the end. A feature I had been working on to let modders be able to make morph ball tunnel cameras anywhere is showcased at the end briefly.



Download Links!


As of 9/16/2018, archive is approx. 28MB! Tested with GZDoom 3.5.1.


You need both files in the archive to play. The Tutorial level in the levels.pk3 has been edited so you can see everything in action. It also changes some DoomED numbers so modders have a choice between 3D and 2D.


9/16/2018 - Link Updated!

Google Drive - Download 1.4!


Change Log:

-Initial release of 1.0

-Forgot to add +PICKUP flag to morph ball so items could be picked up.
-Fixed Power Bombs spawning when morphing for the first time, or picking up Power Bombs for the first time.
-Fixed Doom Cannon HUD icon not showing.

-Who needs sleep? That's totally how version numbers work.
-Fixed Space Jump. No more infinite jumps!
-Retired Ijon's unusedTID function. We have UniqueTID now.

-Wall jumping is fixed!

-Optimized Chroma Storm and its charge combo. Shortened the range of the lasers, increased the damage of the regular shot.
-Nerfed the Wave Beam charge combo and optimized it.
-Created a new CVar to turn off 3D models. Only works on the beams for now.
-You no longer start with Missiles. They have to be acquired first.


Edited by R4L : Updates!

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This is really for anyone making mapsets, but Varia Suit is in, and Charge Beam has to be obtained now. Going to add the option to bypass that of course.


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This makes me feel better about walking away from an ill-fated Metroid project I tried to start over a decade ago. This would have blown it out of the water and then some, even as I envisioned it. 

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19 hours ago, Job said:



This makes me feel better about walking away from an ill-fated Metroid project I tried to start over a decade ago. This would have blown it out of the water and then some, even as I envisioned it. 


You can thank Terminus for this lol. I've only done a few gameplay changes and graphical changes. The rest is him and Ijon.

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