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Eternity Netplay

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I know that this source port isn't the preferred choice for netplay...but I wanted to know if it could be done. If I follow the instructions concerning the "-net" parameter, Player One is stuck at "Check Netgame Status. Sending network start info..." while Player Two gets further but is frozen while waiting for P1 to connect.

Again, I know this port isn't necessarily idea for netplay, but is it supposed to work at all?

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I've gotten other p2p doom methods to work though, like vanilla doom and dos boom. Just because something is p2p doesn't mean it shouldn't work at all.

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I thought I remember reading @Edward850 was working on a C/S version of Eternity, so if that ever comes to pass that'll be leagues above just the below-average P2P methods being used currently. (As he says in the post linked, it's provided only as a formality in its current state. I doubt anyone's used it much.)

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