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Maps with best CC4-tex (Community Chest 4 resource pack) usage?

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CC4-tex has been like a sort of "contemporary resource pack" ever since the successful Community Chest 4., so surely their have been even more impressive uses of it. So,  I'd love to hear your opinion!

*Since the pack is a compilation, examples should have a release date that is post-CC4 (betas count as releases too for me) so it can be simple.

**Obviously besides CC4 :P

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First example that came to my mind was Good Morning Phobos, it's a full megawad that has a lot of beautiful texturing and scaling, in fact one of these areas was going to be a wallpaper, but lazy me never took a proper screenshot:














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On 9/5/2018 at 8:29 PM, Not Jabba said:

JPCP is definitely my favorite cc4-tex set. There's also Water Spirit, which is a bit of a follow-up to JPCP by one of the major mappers for that project. I'll second Traveling to the Moon and Man on the Moon. I think Disjunction is mostly CC4-based as well.

Disjunction uses CC4-tex only, only exception is beams in Map07 which I drew myself.

However, I did adjust palette.

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Two first pigeons uses cc4-tex as resource. First one is better than second one :""")

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