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52 minutes ago, xdarkmasterx said:



its an illuso wall



That was the same argument why there's HOM around the cyberdemon in the pit in WOW.wad ("it's an illuso-pit"). It was lazy then and it's lazy now. Yes, HOM serves a purpose for hiding instant rising pits, but that's not what you're doing here. In this case, I think you just forgot to texture behind the lift, so you're calling it an illusory wall. Just add the texture next time.


Lest you think I'm only responding to cast aspersions and nitpick, I enjoyed the level. I really liked the color choices in the first half and the room with the revenants, archviles, and mancini was very nicely done. I liked the color contrasts, particularly when combined with differences of light and darkness. The blue key room was interesting and it was a nice touch to put specters in it. Again, nice choices with color. The height of the room that led to the Pikachu secret (I also liked the Pikachu secret) was quite high, and I don't know what purpose all the height served.


I'm usually not a fan of your walls of key texture, but in this case, it's not so bad. (It's definitely better than the times you use a key texture for an entire door.) Personally, I would use it in a strip, but it's not so jarring the way it's currently used. The color palette on the outside portion was interesting. I'm not sure what the pillars and floor of the outdoor area were supposed to be--maybe it doesn't matter. You allowed for a lot of infighting, which can be fun. The end felt somewhat jarring--I walked around a structure, it lowered, I walked on to a different-colored patch of water and that was the end of the level. Perhaps most people thought that was obvious, I would've liked more of a warning that was the end of the level.

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