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[Announcement] Doom: Restless Souls

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Now announcing, Doom: Restless Souls (Coming 2019)





Doom Restless Souls is a wad will contain 20 playable doom maps, one of them will be a multiplayer map. 


Don't expect anything... special. I very new to this "mapping" thing, but it's really fun so I'm gonna continue doing it.

These are my first maps, actually.

Have a few screenshots.


Screenshot_Doom_20180904_192623.png.b31eccfac2dbc6feaaa37e97fe485f79.pngAs I said, don't expect anything special or really custom and stuff, just a couple of classic doom levels.

What you SHOULD expect is custom music made by me. I actually am a musician. Yeah.

It's all gonna be midis of course.

Keeping it old school.

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The oldschool vibe of your levels would be conveyed even better if you turned off texture filtering in your screenshots at least. Small hint. ^^ Other than that, looking forward to this. Classic doom level design is always welcome here!

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I'll give the classic Doomworld advice: if you're new, don't go for a 20 level project. Start humble, improve your skills while working on small wads, and only then attempt something bigger.

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The teaser screen is really well done. The visual issues that stand out in the map shots are: excessive squareness (even with the natural rocky structures), texture misalignments, and rough texture-to-texture borders (parallel rock and brick in the last shot, rather than the brick facade jutting out or something). Best of luck. I would suggest seeking out regular feedback from blunt and experienced testers, ideally in intervals no larger than every 3-4 maps. The Joy of Mapping Discord server might be really helpful for you. 

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2 hours ago, Memfis said:

I'll give the classic Doomworld advice: if you're new, don't go for a 20 level project.


A mistake I made and am not proud of. Only I made 33 levels.

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So long as it doesn't turn into a confusing and repetitive remix of one particular set of levels like Bloodlines did, I'll be happy.

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