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I need your opinion

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Are you asking whether or not your new Hell Knight sprite looks better than the original one? If that's the case, I think it looks pretty good! Besides, anything that differentiates the HK from the Baron is good in my book.

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Oh, you were talking about the size of the enemy... I think you should leave it at roughly the same size as the original HK for the sake of compatibility. The sprites look good, I especially like the chaingunner with the helmet.


BTW, try to write everything in a single big post, maybe using spoilers if necessary, instead of posting several short ones.

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The taller Hell Knight looks better as it looks more similar to it's Doom 3/Doom 2016 version wich are almost twice as large as the player, but it should be the same size as the regular HK for compatibility.


The zombies look great, specially the minigunner's red helmet and the forgotten one Lost Soul also looks cool. Doom 2016 bosses look cool but out of place in contrast to the other enemies but it's your mod do as you see fit.

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