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Has anyone managed to compile Vanilla Linux Doom on Linux?

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Of course. It was developed on Linux after all. But mind that it was 21 years ago, a lot has changed in the dependency chain and unless you're careful enough to run a 21-year-old distro (in a chroot probably), you won't get very far on current systems to compile it as-is.


Chocolate Doom is a nice maintained port staying true to vanilla origins (even reverting some changes made to Linux Doom, so that it's more like the DOS versions).

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all i can say for certain is that i've compiled it before on a ~2008ish ubuntu distribution, I can't comment on what's changed in 10 years but it's probably gotten worse. I could never actually run it though since my linux knowledge was lacking and it requires an 8-bit display in order to run in the first place.


I was just mostly interested in seeing what the official doom port on linux was like, honestly, but it's probably nothing special. Probably not worth going through the pain to make it work.

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