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Chex Quest editing

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So basically I just want to make new, Chex Quest 3 maps.  Here's the thing if you haven't already read: In making E2M1, the ceiling texture F_SKY1, shows up as mountains.  If you play Chex Quest 3, E2M1, the ceiling texture is of a city.  I noticed that in Chex Quest 3, in Doom Builder 2, they made what to me looks like a skybox, because there's another huge sector that the player never accesses.  In that huge sector they used F_SKY1 as ceiling texture, but, in the sector you do run around in, they used CJFCOMM5.  And I don't see any tags or anything that is connecting that skybox to the other sectors.  So I am now very confused as to what exactly they did.


Now, if you go in to edit E2M2, there is no skybox, and F_SKY1 shows up as the city skyline.  So why is this different with E2M1 with F_SKY1?  I now know what I'm going to do, with that first level, but I just wanted to see what the answer was on this, because from what I remember years ago, I thought you did something that connected that skybox sector to the player accessed sectors.


Sorry if this post constitutes as double posting, I didn't mean to do that if I did.

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