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My game is bugged (SOLVED!!! It was the Evolve overlay)

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Trying to play Complex Clusterfuck on Zandronum and this happened. It involves the dynamic lights because whenever I turn them off or make them use shaders (Which makes the lights glitch out) it fixes the issue but other issues persist. Whenever firing a projectile weapon, any sprite I have seen on the map is attached to the projectile a slight distance off and sprites not attached to the projectile disappear until it hits something. Tried playing without mods and the issues persisted, even on vanilla IWADs.

zandronum 2018-09-07 18-30-55-368.jpg

Edited by meandog1000 : Issue solved! Thx <3

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49 minutes ago, meandog1000 said:

Complex Clusterfuck

zandronum 2018-09-07 18-30-55-368.jpg


Play complex alone without a million pwads active at the  same time.

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26 minutes ago, Pegg said:


Play complex alone without a million pwads active at the  same time.

Thing is though without ANY mods active. Vanilla Zandronum, Vanilla Doom. This issue persists. Also complex isn't as fun by itself and me and my friend want to play Clusterfuck multiplayer, Clusterfuck is a mod for complex not just me saying I have like 1 million pwads.

Edited by meandog1000

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