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How To Edit Mouse Cursor In SLADE?

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Desgraça 2?


Are you writing in English and then google-translating to Portuguese?


Anyways, Doom II doesn't have a mouse cursor, so you can't edit it. Problem solved.



I figure you mean the ZDoom cursor. If so, you need to make a PNG that's no bigger than 32x32, give it a unique name, load it, and then change vid_cursor to your cursor's name. For a mod, you can use the ZMAPINFO/GameInfo "cursorpic" value, again, the image should be 32x32 and no bigger.


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1 hour ago, birbseed said:

i am brazilian man.

And are you really calling Doom "Desgraça" in Brazilian? I didn't think the title was translated outside of Japan and China. After all, the biggest Brazilian fansite for Doom used to be brdoom.com and not brdesgraca.com.

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I used google translator, it has several errors

1 minute ago, Gez said:

E você está realmente chamando Doom "Desgraça" em brasileiro? Eu não acho que o título foi traduzido para fora do Japão e da China. Afinal, o maior fansite brasileiro do Doom costumava ser o brdoom.com e não o brdesgraca.com.


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