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northern powerhouse (one mysterious doom 2 map)

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more of a rant than a gameplay map <3

miserable on HMP

miserable AND absurd on UV


first this map was for the mega-project but the rules prevented me from continuing to improve it, which I eventually realized I wanted to do

then it was for zekhmet but the texturing is so particular that it just can't be converted well

thus I present the level to you by itself. have fun trying to enjoy it, giggle


(if you think this sort of depravity is cool join this project and get mapping! thanks!)

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7 minutes ago, Catpho said:


BTW, did you add custom stuff? That startan column looks different.


i mega saturated the palette cos im artsy as heck

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giggle #1: definitely play on HMP first so you understand the route cos UV really muddies yr options


giggle #2: the uploaded version to the on-site database (as opposed to /idgames/) is actually someone else's level but under the name of this one 🍕

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