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RockHardGamer 45

Playstation DOOM Reloaded - Gameplay + Screenshots

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The Announcement trailer didn't go down to well in showcasing our project. So I thought I would try to clear some things up as well as show some gameplay and screenshots from my maps.


What is PDR (PlayStation DOOM Reloaded)?


- PDR is a Trilogy of brand new games inspired by the Doom games on PS1. 

- There will be 99 BRAND NEW levels to play inspired by old classic maps (such as Twilight Descends, The Factory, Attack + Much more)

- Each game will have 30 Levels + 3 secret maps.

- PlayStation Textures, sprites, sounds, music and lighting sounds all return along with Dynamic lighting to show a whole new side to hell.

- The Nightmare imp from Fall of Triton is back and improved, along with some more new content.

- PlayStation Doom styled gameplay and design.


Gameplay of Level 34 (The Tech Plant) from Fallen Earth (My part of the Project)



Screenshots from my levels in PDR:



gzdoom 2018-09-10 11-37-52-68.jpg

gzdoom 2018-09-10 11-38-14-58.jpg

gzdoom 2018-09-10 11-38-42-13.jpg

gzdoom 2018-09-10 11-39-01-20.jpg

gzdoom 2018-09-10 11-39-23-57.jpg

gzdoom 2018-09-10 11-39-54-57.jpg

gzdoom 2018-09-10 11-40-10-91.jpg

gzdoom 2018-09-10 11-40-29-30.jpg

gzdoom 2018-09-10 11-40-43-78.jpg

gzdoom 2018-09-10 11-40-51-01.jpg

gzdoom 2018-09-10 11-41-20-16.jpg

gzdoom 2018-09-10 11-41-25-22.jpg

gzdoom 2018-09-10 11-41-34-21.jpg

gzdoom 2018-09-10 11-41-46-31.jpg

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Those levels really need more traps and height variation if Level 34 is any indicative of the rest. At the moment, it's basically like this: enter a room, kill all the enemies inside (you can camp out literally every fight by the door), proceed to the next room, kill all the enemies there, rinse and repeat. Linear progression can be okay if used interestingly enough, but in most cases it gets dull very quickly. Also, just using the PSX lighting + monster sounds does not a good PSX doom sequel/tribute make. ID's level design choices made for some interesting cases, including progression and monster encounters. Didn't mean to be harsh or anything, just hope this was somewhat helpful.

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@Firedust nah this is just an early map. They get longer and tougher as they go along. Including a lot less linear areas and more height variation. This level was created just after the development of Fall of Triton which was my first ever megawad/big project and the best way to describe it was what you said above. So that is why they are "somewhat similar". 


Over time, I have improved a lot more and focus a lot more on unilinear and unpredictable gameplay. 


Thanks for the advice though.

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As someone who never got a chance to play the Playstation version, I'm kind of interested in this, even if it's not a one-to-one conversion.

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Was literally just playing some PSX Doom again last night... and this looks awesome!

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The new levels will not be as flat and monotonous as in "Triton", I hope so. Still can be the author learned mapping and not makes more clumsy locations. Some effects of the port will not be able to mask the low quality.

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