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Creating a category in slade and doom builder


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assuming you're referring to texture categories, open a map in (gz)doombuilder, go to the toolbar and select "tools->game configurations", select the "textures" tab, and voila.

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1 hour ago, bonnie said:

assumindo que você está se referindo a categorias de textura, abra um mapa no (gz) doombuilder, vá para a barra de ferramentas e selecione "tools-> game settings", selecione a aba "textures" e voila.

Okay, and how do I add the sprites ??image.png.4d8858e374d540d2e18430abe508180b.png

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Em 13/09/2018 às 20:14, Marlamir disse:

Para sprites, você também pode adicionar sprites // $ title para name no navegador Gzdoom builder thing

the sprite doen'st appear 

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Specifies which image to use to represent the actor in the editor. By default, a custom actor not identified in a configuration file will attempt to use the first suitable sprite it finds in the actor definition, trying first the states in the sequence Idle, See, Inactive, Spawn, and if all these fail, the first defined state. This key is therefore especially useful for stateless actor definitions. You should specify the actual lump name, for example if you use sprite mirroring and your sprite lump is named JUNKA0D0, you need to put JUNKA0D0, JUNKA0 or JUNKD0 will not work.


And whatever translation plugin you're using is inserting spaces where it shouldn't. "//$Sprite" without any space.

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