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Final Doom Raider

The Final Doom Raider

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Greetings Doomslayers!


So, apologies first, as I am new to posting on this Forum and Forums in general, so sorry if I come across like a bit of a noob who doesn't know what he is doing but this is literally my first ever post :P


So my first time playing Doom was back when I was about 10 years old (now 32) for the PlayStation 1. I still have fond memories of getting 2 TVs 2 PS1s 2 Copies of Doom and a link cable just to be able to play multiplayer with my brother. We enjoyed playing the map “Suburbs” as we would run out and agro most of the map by picking up the blue? key which would spawn in, what felt like a endless wave of enemies, that we would try to hold at bay within the starting room. Fun times…


Back then I wasn't even aware of PC gaming and as far as I new the PS1 version was the only version there was. So many years later when I finally got into PC gaming and started playing Doom on the PC I remember being put off by its sound track, being use to the more ambient sound track of the console version. Over time a started to love the sound track and realize that this was the real version of Doom.


Fast forward to 2016 and the release of DOOM (2016) I fell in love with Doom all over again. Realising that it was still my all time favourite game I decided I wanted to make a little homage or Tribute to it. So about 6 months ago I decided to make a YouTube Channel that was dedicated to all things Doom like. My plan is simple, to give every level its day in the limelight by playing a new doom level everyday.


But the creative side of me wouldn't allow it be as simple as that. I wanted to tell a bit of a story. The plan was to keep to the Doom canon through Doom, Doom 2, Final Doom. Doom 64 and then Doom (2016) then from there I could expand on the story and show what happens after the events of Doom (2016)


To do this i quickly got into making my own Doom maps. Two of which I have finished though one is for storytelling purposes and the other fills the gap between Doom 64 and Doom(2016) and shows how the DoomSlayer came to be entombed within the sarcophagus.


My first map:

Temple of Blood (wad download)



Temple of Blood (playthrough video)



My First Machinima:

The Hatch: (Doom Machinima video)



All feedback would be greatly appreciated.



And that's it really, as of writing this I’m currently working my way through the “Master Levels of Doom 2 and “No Rest for the Living” levels. So if you like all things Doom like, then feel free to pop over to my channel and say hello. As stated before I plan to upload a new Doom level everyday and use a variety of different mods to “enhance” my experience as we work through an endless supply of Doom maps.


I also plan to start live streaming soon too, where I want to do Doom themed challenge runs and maybe even live map building. So if any of that sounds up your street then come check it out. :)




If you made it this far then well done :P

Hope to be hanging around this Forum when possible, so hopefully see you around.


Thanks :)


The Final Doom Raider

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