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Are there any visual enhancing mods compatible with Classic Doom 3?

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I was hoping to use it along with Sikkmod but there doesn't appear to be anyway to get them to stack, even if they're in the same folder.

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I believe you could get the two to work together by creating a .bat file that essentially launches them simultaneously. That's the only method I can think of.

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I doubt it's going to work but do a .bat file with the following command:


".........Doom .exe" +set fs_game_base cdoom +set fs_game sikkmod"


cdoom = folder where classic doom is located

sikkmod = folder where sikkmod is located

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Doommarine, your code didn't work because sikkmod loaded ontop of cdoom and took over the menu but, when I reversed it so that cdoom is set to fs_game and sikkmod to game_base, I actually seemed to have gotten it to work! There's no sikkmod options since cdoom's menu is loaded on top of it but it definitely loaded, presumably the settings I had sikkmod on prior.



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