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UAC boxes in Wolf3D

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Yesterday I finished Spear of Destiny - Mission 3: Ultimate Challenge. Pretty good levels and really tough ones. But for my great surprise the last level is full of UAC boxes and 'Tei Tenga' computers. I dont really know the release date of this 'Mission 3' expansion if it was after or before Doom, but it was a really good surprise to me.


Edit: Mission 3 was release in 1994.


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There were apparently two versions of Ultimate Challenge, one that used Doom textures and one that didn't.

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The DOOM textures were likely placeholders that were not originally intended to end up in the final game, as the GAMEMAPS files for the version that contains them are dated a month before the Missions' official release date.  In addition, the later version (which lacks the DOOM textures) also has a few other minor changes, some of which are obviously cosmetic map-related fixes.

Interestingly, it is only the Activision/XPLOSIV release of Wolf3D that contains the Mission 3 version with DOOM textures.  It seems they erroneously included earlier, pre-release Mission 3 files on the disc.

The Spear of Destiny Super CD Pack, released way before the Activision/XPLOSIV compilation, correctly contains the final version of Mission 3.

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If you read the story it makes sense that they were there, if you believe Wolf 3D and Doom happen in the same universe anyway as was originally intended. The demon Hitler summoned gives knowledge of the future, and of war. The UAC is the chief manufacturer of arms in the future, so using time travel or demon magic to obtain their stuff would be a no-brainer.

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