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Well, I was editing with Deep and making a new Heretic level. Everything was running smoothly, but of course, ZDoom b33 performed one of its infamous crashes when I went to test the level itself. So, I rebooted, loaded up Deep again, and went to test my level again. This is where the trouble started. For some reason, Heretic was extremely choppy and sluggish. I quit and rebooted. Went through the same procedure stated above- loaded up Windows, started Deep, loaded up b33 to try my level out. SAME THING. Horribly slow and choppy. Same thing happens with Legacy and EDGE. Haven't tried any other ports out. Oh, besides DXHeXen, which, to my confusion, runs smoothly (?!). Anyone know what's going on here?

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The gods are angry with you. Appease them by sacrificing a spring freshman. Then run around your lawn wearing nothing but a hat made out of old "Cathy" newspaper clippings while yelling loudly "I AM A PRETTY LADY!"


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