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The holograms in Doom 2016 are actually quite a good mechanic

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Not just the UAC Guy trying to sell their Hell exploitations, but the ones that show Samuel Hayden, Olivia, and UAC Employees carrying out tasks or just trying to not be killed. The more I think about it, this kind of mechanic could see some real good use in atmospheric games where the idea is to make the player feel isolated while also showing remnants of what the place used to be like or how the people got in the position they're in, like ghosts of the past. Although, I think Bioshock technically did this before Doom did.

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Yeah, since unlike Doom 3, we don't see PDA emails or marines before the catastrophe, we don't really get a sense it was actually inhabited without the holograms.


I wouldn't call them a mechanic but more of a feature.

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