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Doomiablo 0.2.0 - Diablo & DooM Crossover

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thank you all for your kind words!


@General Rainbow Bacon magic and rare are by definition random, but uniques will be unique ;). yes there is a skill tree, in the middle of the video you can see a part of it already. I have got 100 ideas from this amazing doom community for skills.

@Job not yet : /

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Great to hear that you are still working on this. Combination of doom and diablo is something like wet game dream for me. Good luck to future work

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@Memfis yes, the opposite is sadly not possible... imagine one could simply the transform the chaos sanctuary into a doom map, that would be awesome :D

@Marlamir so we have some dreams in common!

@wheresthebeef although I am not enjoying the batman theme the wad is an impressive piece of work... I have learned a lot from it about dehacked. therefore it was clear for me to make a little homage like this ;)

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