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Phoenix Speedmusic Session 5- Phoenix Roulette (themes)

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It's that tine again, tine for another round of the most AWESOME, the most EPIC, and, dare I say, the most BEAUTIFUL SOUNDING speedmusic sessions on all of Doomworld!!! Wel……… maybe it's only that way because it's the *only* one. But that's beside the point, no one needs to know that ;)


So, since this is the 5th session, I wanted to do something a little different to spice things up a little bit. As I was thinking about what that thing should be I remembered about Doomworld Roulette


And also remembered about how when I saw the thread last year that I wish I had been able to participate. So I figured that now would be as good a time as ever to "revive" it, but in a musical form instead :D


Basically how it will work is, when it is time for the session to start, I will randomly generate 3 map themes using @jmickle66666666 map theme generator (http://www.jmickle.com/genrerator/maptheme.html), and it will be your job to make a song that you believe would go well with a map made with those themes. Now naturally this will be a bit different from the normal sessions since it will require a bit more abstract interpretations rather than just strict rule/theme following, in fact that's one of the reasons I decided to settle on this idea in the first place, I think it would be interesting to see how different people interpret some random non-music related theme and turn it into a song. Of course if enough people don't like the idea then I can just use the normal 3 musically related theme format, I just wanted to try and break away from that every now and then and do something a little more interesting.


Other than the different style of theme the rest is basically the same as all the other sessions. Here are the rules as usual:


*You will have 2 hours to write your song + a few minutes to submit it.

*You will get 3 themes to use when writing your song, you can use any number of the themes but You *have* to use at least 1.

*The song must be Boom compatible, so allowed formats are MID, MP3, OGG, MOD, XM, S3M, IT (and any other formats prboom+ might play that i cant think of right now). Tracked formats (.mid/.mod and similar) are preferred over sample ones like mp3 or ogg for size reasons but not required

*When you submit your song make sure you include some basic information like the track name, composition time, daw you used to make the song in, etc. You can submit tracks to either the Discord or on the thread itself, I personally would prefer if you put it in the thread though if possible. Or both places at once, that would be ok too



The session will be on Saturday, September 22, 1:00-3:00PM, but I could probably do it on the 29th if you want since I once again waited until ASS was announced to make mine and that will be on the 22nd too, I would prefer to not do it on the 29th since that is too close to next month IMO but i'm not totally against it.


Here is a link to the PiSScord https://discord.gg/VYwCRdA and a countdown timer http://itsalmo.st/#pss5

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Ok, here were the 3 themes that were generated:


1. Multiple Abominable Wastelands around A Sleeping Cabin in the Woods
[Health-deprived map]

2. An Observatory trapped within A Spaghetti Western
[3 key map]

3. A Lost Mesa pounding up The Void
[Non-linear map]



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Ok so here is my song, it is mainly based on the 3rd theme, unfortunately I only have an OGG version at the moment, I'll need to bring rhe midi into an "actual" midi editor later to add the proper instrument settings since I made the song on my phone and the daw I used doesn't allow you to set midi instrument, you are forced to export everything as piano :(



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