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DoomBuilder2 Different brightness on ceiling and floor

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Hello Everyone! Sorry if this is a double post but ive couldnt find the information i was looking for.


- I would like to have different brightness on ceiling and floor in one sector ( For example theres lava in the ground and it would be nonsense to make bright circle on far ceiling)

The pic - alot of forums said you need Transfer light function from other line, but i couldnt really find the transfer function at all? is that function only possible in the first doom builder? Thank you all for any response =)


EDIT: I also cant find any trigger function? Did i set up my doombuilder2 wrong? THANKS



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The actions you were referring to are boom actions, you can find the transfer ceiling/floor brightness actions near the bottom of the ceiling and floor categories, respectively.

To use them, you create a dummy sector off-map and set one of the lines on the dummy sector to have the transfer brightness action, then set the tag of the sector you want to transfer the brightness to. The tagged sector will use the brightness of the dummy sector.


So if you have a room with tag 5, a brightness of 172, and you want the floor to have 128 brightness, you would create a dummy sector off-map, select one of the sides of the dummy sector, give it the "transfer floor brightness" action, set the tag of the action to 5 (the same as the original room), then set the brightness of the dummy sector to 128. It will transfer the 128 brightness to the floor of any sector with tag 5, such as our desired room. And voila. c:


Keep in mind that this will not affect the brightness of the walls in boom format. They'll still be dependent on the original floor brightness of that room.

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@EURO1215 You should probably upgrade to GZDoom Builder, it is a more updated "sequel" to DB2 that has more features, especially for UDMF format. Speaking of which, there is basically no reason to use Zdoom Hexen format these days unless you are in a position where you can't use a map editor that supports UDMF since UDMF is sort of like "ZDoom Hexen 2.0", many attributes that used to need to be set by scripts or linedefs have been folded into sector properties like floor and ceiling brightness.

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You can even have this effect in vanilla Doom. Just raise the ceiling of the sector where you want to have a bright floor, but a dark ceiling high up, and don't set the missing upper textures. This is how it looks in the editor:




There are quite severe limitations, though. For example you can't have height changes in the ceiling.


A map that made nice use of this technique is map07 in End Game by @Szymanski: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/d-f/endgame

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