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Hell Arena: Request your own battle

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Hi everyone!, I wanna start a thread about fights between demons and zombies against themselves. 

Here some examples:


1) 1 bruiser vs 3 Archviles vs 4 revenants vs 20 zombies all at the same time.




2) 40 Zombies vs 2 Vagarys




What's the idea of this post?, you can request any vs battle you want.


Ex: "I wanna see 4 hellknights vs 3 bruisers vs 2 vagary at the same time"




  • Max teams = 4
  • Max demons & zombies per team = 20
  • Demons allowed
    • All demons from Doom 3 & Doom 3 ROE (No bosses, only Vagary and Sabaoth)
    • The following custom monsters: Shambler and Baron of Hell


Feel free to request a battle!


(Edit: The bruiser don't use meele attack in my battles, only range attack)

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  • Team 1: 6 regular zombies, 2 fat zombies, 2 fast zombies
  • Team 2: 9 boney zombies, 1 morgue zombie
  • Team 3: 1 chainsaw zombie

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