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entertext and exittext in cluster


Why entertext and exittext shows "INTROE5" instead of contents


Cluster code


cluster 5
   flat = "$bgflatE2"
   music = "D_READ_M"
   entertext = lookup, "INTROE5"
   exittext = lookup, "OUTROE5"


INTROE5 = "Just some text\n"
	"more text"




EDIT: Nevermind, skipped ";", for delete

Edited by WatermelonPL

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Your LANGUAGE lump is broken, resulting in its text not being added to the dictionary, so the lookup fails and it displays the keyword as a fallback.


Try this instead:

INTROE5 = "Just some text\n"
	"more text";

Can you spot the difference?

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Note that GZDoom won't throw errors for missing semicolons in LANGUAGE, so always remember to check for them on all your strings as Gez pointed out.

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