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DooMer 4ever

The oldstuff chronicles

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I had nothing to do today, so i decided to review some doom wads from in-span.net. Since so many people have started reviewing from the start of the alphabetics I started from the end to avoid reviewing the same wads for tenth time or something.

zwieback Florian Helmberger 74%

A medium map 01 replacement. I liked the difficulty on HMP, enough ammo and not too much health. The architecture is quite simple and i've never liked those corridors where you have no room to dodge, altaough you don't have that many situations where you needed to. I just think that those narrow tunnels look ugly. I think there could have been a little more diversity in texture use too. The map looks a bit boring because the same textures have been used over and over again (especially the brown floor).

Zorry Elroy Blom 77%

A small map 01 replacement. This one has no difficulty settings and it's been planned to be UV, but it felt more like HMP to me. It's little more detailed than the previous one and textures have been used more creatively.

Zork ? 70%

This one is clearly more detailed than the previous two, and at the beginning at thought I would give better ratings to it, but I was annoyed by its confusifness. All those teleporters made me confused and I couldn't take a good picture of it. However, health and ammo are quite well balanced.

Zirp Alamo and Kramer 45%

Well this one is a great example of uncreative map. It just has square rooms and tunnels connecting them. The only positive thing to say is that ammo and health have been balanced ok. The creators say that they only practiced by doing this, and spent a week doing this, but that is no excuse. When i made my first map, I spent at least three weeks doing it!

Zelda Chris Fischer 5%

Uh, it's just a map made of letters of Z, E, L, D and A. It has terrible textures, wolfenstein ss troops and i finished it in 13 seconds! Those five prosents are only for the music, which isn't that good, but at least it brings good memories...

Zealot Florian Helmberger 70%

Aaaah, much better. It would have been better than his zwieback level, but the pipemaze at the beginning of the level is completely unnecessary. This map is quite detailed, but too easy on HMP. I could have played it on UV, but I like playing on hurt me plenty and I think I have a right to complain, because HMP means that monsters should hurt me plenty, not just little. I would have given this one 80% without the maze.

Zazzy Kirk Hemmen 55%

The author says it's not a newbie wad. Well, in some parts it definetily looks like one. There is water as roof, trees growing out of floor, too big rooms, monsters firing out of walls and the exit door is four door textures high. The only non-newbie part is monster, ammo and health placement.

Zapnrun2 Tom Sanner 30%

Looks more like a DM map for me. Everthing is too big and simple in this wad, it has too much ammo and only few monsters. It's hard to find the next key and i was never able to open the exit door after the blue key. It's hard to find anything good to say about this one. Well, the texture choose is ok.

Zap30 Andy Badorek 75%

It is better than the original map 30, but not the best i've played. It's not always clear what you should do and therefore you have to start the map again few times because the enemy count gets too big.

Zap28 Andy Badorek 80%

This map has exellent struckture, it is higly detailed, perfecty textured and very pretty to look at. The only thing that wasn't so good was the hardness: the map was so hard on HMP that i had to switch to HNTR and it still felt more like UV! However, if you're one of those doomers who play maps for their hardness, you can add extra ten prozents.

Zap07 Andy Badorek 80%

A simple map with different types of monsters attacking you after another. It's not very detailed (obviosly since being this type of level) but the textures are nicely chosen. There could be a bit more ammo in it. I ran out of ammo at the cacodemon part so i had to run away from them. Overall it's a simple, yet intresting level. And not as hard compared to the zap28.

I may continue the reviewing stuff if I have the time to do it. Feel free to post any comments regarding these reviews.

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Random Heretic Level Review:

Dark Mountain


New Textures: No
New Sounds: No
Demos Replaced: Yes
Level(s) Replaced: E2M5

Rating: 90%

Reasons why:

First off, this is a huge well-designed level. The mood is set very early on, with low light levels, and lots of flickering light as you go deeper and deeper into the mountain. Texture use is perfect, as I could really find one mis-used flat or wall texture. Pretty much perfect when it came to aesthetics. Difficult level is more or less well-done, with Bringest Them Oneth being the perfect difficulty level, and Thou Art a Smite-Meister difficulty being just right if you're looking for a really good challenge. Item/weapon placement is also well done, with the Ethereal Crossbow being available early on in the level.
Pretty much, this is a just a well-designed level, and for those Heretic fiends of you (like myself) this will definitely tide you over for a few hours at least. :)

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pritch said:

Heh, nice reviews, pretty accurate, but I'd suggest you get a job :)

Hey, I AM getting a job! I'm studying, but i just had no school that monday. I have a pretty easy period since I just started a couple of weeks ago.

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