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Ivory Duke

QCDExD4T Multiplayer Addon for D4T

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Hi everybody first time posting here.

After many years of "I kinda want to but it sounds too hard" I decided to try my hand at Doom modding and while I am by no means skilled enough to start a project from scratch I have been working on making a few addons to learn how to do things right.

My latest and most ambitious project so far is QCDExD4T, an addon I made in collaboration with RoosTer that allows usage of D4T with the AeonQCDE and QCDEmaps mappacks without any random spawners, and ports as many QCDE gameplay mechanics as possible.


- 6 angrier Slayer (6 different classes), each one with its own recolored weapon hands and player sprite sets

- A fair amount of original coding to enhance the D4T experience

- New game modes previously unavailable in D4T (LMS, Terminator)

- VEGA announcer

- a few D4T bugfixes

- a manual!!

- some other stuff


The addon does not break nor alter any D4T SP behaviors (except the Berserk Powerup) and can be stacked on top of it regardless of the game mode you decide to play.

Make sure to refer to the manual for any gameplay details

I set up a server with the addon, if anybody wants to try it out please join, the server is public for everybody to enjoy!
[TSPG] Painkiller: QC:DExD4T FFA


If you notice something wrong or something that could be improved don't hesitate to let me know and I will try to take care of it as soon as possible.

On a final note I am aware of a problem that causes the server to crash ONLY IF Zandronum bots are added, with real players there is no issue.


1.1a update:

- fixed an issue where game would crash when using fists (wooops!!) and you could not switch from SP fists



 Teleport Fog: edited from http://opengameart.org/content/animated-particle-effects-2 (OpenGameArt, para)
 Glory Killing player sprite: fist marine by Mark Quinn
 Hud message on actor: Caligari 97, AlienOverlord
 HasRoom(class, x,y,z) function: from AcsUtils by Korshun, DjSkaarj, Monsterovich, TechnoDoomed1
 Vulgar (made into Harvester): Sprites by Eriance
 Repeater Zombie (made into shotgunner): Sprite edit Eriance, Xim, Ghastly_dragon, Tormentor667, Captain Toenail
 Zombie Fodder (made into Unwilling): Horror Movie Guy, minimum recolor by DBT
 Acid Pool (made into rocket targeting): from ZBlood+ by Michaelis based on ZBlood by Psyren, Doorhenge, retextured by Michaelis
 Hit Beep: Michaelis

QCDExD4T Credits:

Rooster: Project creator, Slayer Sprites, Botinfo, all things involving art and drawing (sick interpic bro!)
Ivory Duke: all original coding except where noted, porting QCDE code to D4T, editing D4T code, recoloring Slayer hands on all weapons.


A very special thank from Ivory Duke to Michaelis for his patronage and continuous support
throughout Duke's first coding adventure.






Edited by Ivory Duke

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