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Captain Blacksaw

Demented Dreams WAD

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This is a little project i'm working on which takes place in the depths of hell, this project is in early stages of development and i will be working on this project as much as i can. The project currently contain's 127 monsters, no secrets and 1 level, the other level is currently empty and to be decided.


This is what i used while making this wad:

Source Port: Zdoom/GZDoom

Map Builder: GZDoom Builder

IWAD: Doom2

Editing tool: Slade V3.1.2


I would recommend playing it with brutal doom as it provides more enjoyment when killing the demons.


UPDATE 0.01 *Added barrier walls to provide cover in the spider demon room

                    *Added 2 new areas the last room with flesh is experimental

                    *Texture changes and more ammo added



            *Added 2 more rooms to explore
            *more ammo and higher tier weapons

            *You can now finish the level




I had to put this on a link because the file size was too big.







Edited by Captain Blacksaw : minor Update

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Welcome to Doomworld. I strongly recommend reading this, especially as you seem to have problems finding playtesters.



I played through your map to the degree it is finished (see the above mentioned post for advice regarding port information). I think it would have been great to mention that there is no exit yet, otherwise I think people will try to look for it.


As you recommend playing this with brutal doom, I suspect that you haven't thought about balancing it for vanilla play. Anyway, I ran out of ammo well before the last room. It can also be very gruesome to fight high tier monsters with low tier weapons, with the exception of very well balanced designs based on infighting.


As your mapping still feels very rough, It's hard to have more detailed opinions. I mean, I personally think more detail and gameplay variety in levels overall is nice, but that's of course entirely subjective.

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There is no exit? Ran out of ammo in the fatso pit. Very little exploration, too linear. I recommend using a midi of copyright songs. 

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2 hours ago, Kitty said:

Thank you for your response i will extend certain rooms with some containing secrets and just make it less linear, and for certain up the ammo quantity.


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