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Where is this music from?

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This is Death Pact Level 1 (Blood Pit). I really like the music, got an epic feeling to it. The guy who posted the video said in the comments that the music is "Catastrophy - Sean Hodges" but I can't find any reference to that via Google. So does anyone know where the music is from and what is the licence for it or the WAD?


Also is the Death Pact WAD on any download site or is it just a work in progress as I can't find it on Doomworld or www.wad-archive.com?


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Says you who didn't check that the link is broken!


That site just says "This site can’t be reached".


What did you search for to even find that? I searched for "Catastrophy - Sean Hodges" like I said and I can't even find that on Google in the first 2 pages. I'm not using Private Search and I even tried changing my region to USA.


Does anybody else know where the music is from?

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