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Dear Hoplite

Infinite Revenants

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We all remember 200,000 Revenants. It was glorious. But using a combination of varius encounter logics in snapmap, I managed to create infinite Revenants. Couple this with a demon rune, and you have infinity + 1 Revenants, thus beating Marphy's count by, well, infinity. As soon as I get PS Plus, I will release Revenant Party so that's something to look forward to

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17 hours ago, Novaseer said:

By infinite, do you mean endless waves of 12, or actual infinite?


The amount of spawners means it's not waves literally every time you kill one, another spawns. It's infinite


I used 6 custom encounters, 4 group encounters, and 8 single encounters. 

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On 9/30/2018 at 11:48 PM, Duke of Pathoris said:

Would you care to direct us to the snapmap or show us a video?


I'll get you guys a video ASAP

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