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I think the Pinky and Spectre should be one demon

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My least favorite monster across all Doom games has always been the Spectre.  I just don't find it fun to shoot a black blur on the screen.


In MP, the Spectre has both partial invisible and normal forms (when it is charging or attacking).  So do you think it is better for game play in general to just combine the features for the Pinky in DE?  Maybe the Pinky appears when it charges (and attacks), but can choose to stalk its prey silently while invisible?



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The Spectre often feels redundant except for very specific scenarios.


I do like your idea for modern Doom. Have it that any damage will temporarily take away its invisibility I reckon. This way the Pinky isn't reduced to visibility only when charging.

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IDK, that seems like it would be more annoying than just having them be separate enemy types.


I’ve personally never had any problems with Specs, though.

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