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DoomComplete.pk3 (Request)

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Hey guys. I was wondering, and I am unsure if this is allowed, but would it be possible for someone to get me a full copy of doomcomplete.pk3?


It's that one file generated by WadSmoosh. I have all of the wads legally, I just cannot access them currently since I am running Linux, and cannot use WadSmoosh to generate doomcomplete.pk3.


Here is my Steam Profile as proof


I have all of the iwad files, Master Levels, etc. I simply reinstalled my system recently and cannot generate a new doomcomplete.pk3 file.


In addition, I have NRFTL, which would be a plus if someone could be generous to give me a copy of the file.


If you can, PM me, as I don't want anyone to get this file if they don't have legal access to it.


And to the moderators: If I can't make this request, please don't ban me, I'm not trying to be malicious.

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You can install Steam on Linux, you know. Ultimate Doom and Doom II are both supported by Steam Play, so you can easily get the WAD files there, and you can use a Wine setup to get the WAD files for Final Doom and NRFTL.

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