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Joining/Running servers

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Hey guys. Just some quick info for joining and running ST servers.

First, to RUN a server, at the command line, go "skulltag -host <-deathmatch, -ctf, etc.>". If you do this, make sure you set the masterip to my ip ( This should then register your server with the master server. If not, try reloading the server.

If you want to JOIN a server, make sure you have the skulltag launcher (if you don't have it, you can get it here). Run the launcher, go to the join game through master server option, and input for the master IP. At this point, query the master server, and you should see all available servers display. And then you're all set :) If you wish to join a server through the command line, do "skulltag -connect <ip>".

That is all :) Enjoy!

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Just wondering... what are the options for SkullTag! on a command line, cause i want to host a server (tired of zdaemons teamplay that doesnt work)

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