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Original Registered Doom game

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I have an original Doom pc game from 1993.  It has the 4 registered disks, a 1.2 upgrade from 1994, original receipt from IDSoftware, manual & box.  I have been told this is possibly worth something. Is that true?


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As long as it's legitimate it's worth money. But it's really worth what someone is willing to pay for it. It's a mail order copy, and they aren't incredibly common, but it's been opened, the manual has crinkles in it. But I would say you could get at least $150.00, maybe $200.00 for it on Ebay. Or look around for collectors, they might be willing to pay more. So it's not worthless, but it's not like winning the lottery. If it was unopened I could see adding another 0 to the numbers. At least the first one... minus $500.


And really, if you are looking to sell it, it might help to wait until after the next Doom is released. It'll probably drive up hype.

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Thanks.  I am not sure right now what I am going to do.  I have a closet shelf full of old games and I am just starting to go through them.

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