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Bloodified 2 Released!

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It's been 9 months since Bloodified was released. And now, it gets a sequel!


What's new:
Short Maps (Just like the 2016 MegaWAD ECHELON by Sverre Andre Kvernmo)

New Icon of Sin Sounds (From the 1999 (2014) MegaWAD Twilight Zone 2)

New Music

New Title Screen, Intermission Screen, Credits Screen, and Text Screen!


Download link:




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On 9/21/2018 at 10:22 PM, General Rainbow Bacon said:

I can't find the original, can you link to the first one?



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No screenshots, no download. Simple rules of releasing a wad :P


It was literally the first response on your previous thread, too.

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I had to turn on invincibility to get through the first map, the last map was tedious, and maps 2 through 4 were easy and not very creative - they might have been harder on a pistol start, which might have been your intention? But you didn't mention that in the post and so I played continuously. Which wasn't that great anyway, since there were no health pickups in the entire wad.


I did not like it

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