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Seriously, can some people invest some time to look at the features that the builder has before formulating a question which you need to do a couple of clicks and find the answer themselves? It's quite easy. Just saying. Or looking at tutorials and such...

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It seems like you've picked a format which doesn't support Thing IDs / Tags, your map format has to be Doom in Hexen format or UDMF to be able to give or change thing tags.

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51 minutes ago, tempdecal.wad said:

Nothing to cringe about,


There wasn't, but...


54 minutes ago, crazyflyingdonut said:



...now there is.

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In fairness, having "Thing ID", "TiD" and "Tag Number" to all refer to the same thing is rather confusing.  Especially when you have other things like Thing Index Number and Map Editor Number, which sound similar but are in fact totally different (and even have a few different names too). While it makes sense once you learn it, it isn't naturally intuitive.  There's no reason a new mapper should automatically know they're the same thing, never mind know about map formats.

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19 minutes ago, scifista42 said:

The worst is "Line Tag" vs "Line Index" vs "Line ID" in Hexen format. They're 3 different concepts!

Well you don't have to worry about line indexes literally ever, so that's 1/3rd of your problem solved. As for tags vs IDs, nothing is called line tags last I checked. 

Edited by Edward850

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31 minutes ago, Edward850 said:

As for tags vs IDs, nothing is called line tags last I checked. 


Except when you, you know, tag a line. 

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Many action specials usable on linedefs have a "Tag" argument. Also, Doom format. I wrote "Line Tag" to drive the point home in as few words as possible.

Edited by scifista42

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In normal Doom map format, you can't give Things a tag. However, you add them in by using tools such as CLED (found in Boom editing tools archive). Example:

CLED ..\doom2\rmb\test.wad thing(1,128).FLAGS=228

This will change Thing 128 in map01 of test.wad to have a tag of 228. If you look at it again in your map editor, its option/flags fields are 'jumbled'. Don't change it, it's just that the editor is now confused. Best practice (that I've found) is to work/build an unedited level, and add the tags with CLED after nodesbuilding.


You'll note that without a source port that makes sense of tagged Things you still can't actually make use of that in normal vanilla Doom gameplay.


[EDIT]: Above involves not TID, but tag. To give a tagged Thing a TID in a port such as Eternity (Doom format maps) is to use its ExtraData feature, which is basically an instruction textfile that can change your tag 228 into a TID, eg:

mapthing { recordnum 228; type DoomImp; options "easy normal hard"; tid 100 }

This takes the thing with tag 228 and changes it into a DoomImp with a TID of 100. Condition is that your original Thing has to be an ExtraData object thing.

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