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Have wad authors ever attributed features in their maps to psychidelic drugs?

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Recently rediscovered a wad that a few community members had to say this about: "Acid in their name is appropriate"






Most of you have probably seen that experiment where they weave their webs in incredible detail depending on what they've dosed on?  I get the impression that many a wad author has over-obsessed about a small detail and/or saturated the map with detail, like the above link.  I'm not well-versed in map design or drugs so I turn the question over to you guys.  I talked about it with a fairly prolific author long, long ago but we never got to the subject of mapping with/without drugs.


I've tried to make this post as legal as possible, if there were a forum questions thread, I would have asked if talking about these things were allowed here.

For people that don't want to play the map, a couple of screenshots I'm basing my point of view on:





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I remember this guy did most of his mapping on LCD and mushrooms, and it kind of shows!



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