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Black Bar When rendering Foreground HP Bar


For whatever reason, every time I try to render the health bar, a black bar (roughly the same width) is appearing in the top-left corner. At first I thought it was the armour bar but when changing the health bar's foreground graphic's name in SBARINFO to "" the black bar disappears. Any idea on what might be causing this issue? I'm not seeing anything on ZDooM wiki.


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7 hours ago, DynamiteKaitorn said:

I'm not seeing anything on ZDooM wiki.


The wiki does mention here that background image defaults to black and assumes the same size as foreground image, so I assume that's what it is. Make sure the graphic lump/file itself has zero offsets and set the offsets exclusively as DrawBar parameters. If it doesn't help, try setting background image to the same graphic as foreground image.

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Well, both bar graphic sizes are identical and yet, still no luck. Combining both FG and BG textures as the same does display the bar but not only does the black bar persist, the health bar doesn't move.



Nevermind, it was the armour bar that was derping... :l Thanks for the help though :)

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