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(IMPROVED) lesser containment area (level im 1/2 happy with)

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                                                                                       download is at bottom of post.


this level is for the ultimate doom and was tested in gzdoom 3.4.1 i believe it doesn't require freelook, jumping or crouching but i did test it with freelook.


difficulty levels are "sorta" implemented basically if you play im too young to die you'll face less monsters and if you play ultraviolence or nightmare you see more of them.


the actual difficulty in hurt me plenty and above i would say is not really "hard" but it's not easy it's more a little over medium.


i'd say the design in this level varies here is some screenshots.





the level also includes a generic story that just exists so the level isn't just shooting things.

here is the download.


lesser containment area.zip

It's also been improved by me now the level can actually be beat and the ceiling no longer glitches in the outdoor building.


Edited by genericpainelemental : updated file

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there is a issue with the switch at the end it doesn't have any animation and just ends the level while ending the level is intended since you are shutting down the teleporter having no animation bothers me.

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I recorded a playthrough of this map:



I noticed a couple of visual glitches, and the lift was confusing, but the map wasn't bad. Keep up the effort!


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