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Annoying Hotkey Problem in GZDoom

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Hi. This might or might not be GZDoom related. Well, at least some of it isn't..


I'm on a HP Envy notebook using Windows 8.1 and I keep triggering hotkeys while playing which is messing heavily with my gameplay.

I was able to solve some of this via the customize control options but some other stuff I don't know how to get rid of.

Also I've broken some keys which has forced me to reassign controls a couple of times which then in turn brought along new hotkey triggering.


So I'm experiencing very weird behaviour when I combine certain keys. For example my weapon kept changing to handgun on many occasions in the middle of playing

until I realized that pressing x+5+4 (5+4 on the num block) triggers a "2".

I was able to solve this one by reassigning the weapon slot but still my keyboard is producing a "2" if I'm using the above mentioned combination: x5222222


Also, x+5+6 will turn key LEDs on/off.. Now of course this doesn't have anything to do with GZDoom but I guess I'm hoping anyone here can shed some light on this..


Another thing that happens though, is that when I press ctrl+x+5+6 (num block again) while playing it will bring up the "display options" screen specifically which is something I can't seem to be able to change via GZDoom because there is no such option. But it is clearly related to the above combinations and therefore not a direct sourceport problem.


I couldn't come up with useful google results so far, so I just figured I'd bring it up here, hoping someone could help..


thanks for reading anyways!

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This doesn't sound like a hotkey problem at all. Your keyboard seems to be physically damaged as what you're experiencing sounds far more like its producing erroneous scancodes from specific signal combinations. Usually a symptom of liquid damage or some other kind of physical short on the board.

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That makes more sense than mysterious hotkeys no one knows about.

Even though I never spilled anything on it.. I guess the Notebook has had a couple of lives

and I'll chalk it up to regular wear.


thank you for your reply.

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