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Horrible ffmpeg GIF palette WAD for some reason

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There is a program called ffmpeg that can convert video files from one format to another. One format it can output is animated GIFs.


ffmpeg -i doom3.mp4 doom3.gif



When used with the simplest default options, ffmpeg uses a predefined GIF palette and just stipples the image into these colors:




Various sites do this - imgur does for sure, I imagine many others as well. If you upload a video of Doom gameplay and have it converted to GIF the above palette will be applied to the video. So I figured I could make a pre-palette-shifted Doom WAD, so when ffmpeg converts it to a GIF, all the colors are already there and it doesn't have to do anything!






326m7hU.png ➡️ ERjisch.png


Yeah, please do not use this.


ffmpeg playpal.zip

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That is not.. very good looking. How about instead "forcing" ffmpeg into using the Doom palette? This way we'd get perfect Doom anim gifs.

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I believe it's not really possible to do "ordered" dithering with an arbitrary palette like DOOM's.  Hence why ffmpeg uses a carefully crafted palette which can support ordered dithering.


Ordered dithering looks a lot better for animated gifs or video than error-diffusion kinds of dithering (like Floyd-Steinberg).  That's because each frame is slightly different, so the errors get diffused differently, and it spreads over the whole image -- a single pixel difference in top left can affect everything else.  This makes animated gifs or video look much "noisier" or "busier" than ordered dithering.


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