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Chocolate Doom on Linux

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So my case is a little unique.


I am trying to run chocolate-doom on a custom board. The OS running the board is from buildroot, an open-source embedded OS designer.


In the kernel, chocolate-doom can be installed as a package, easy right?




in user/share/games/doom/


Running chocolate-doom -iwad doom1.wad will give me the error


Failed to initialize video: unable to open mouse.


Running chocolate-doom-setup will give me the generic error,


Failed to initialize GUI.


Other notes:

I cannot find my chocolate-doom.cfg, since this is on an board it does not have a home/.local/  so I do not know where it is saving it.

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I run Linux (but not Chocolate).  If you do not have a directory where it is trying to save something, then it is safe to assume it did not save it.

You will have to modify Chocolate doom to use a directory that you do have.

Or you could make a soft link to make it look like the directory is there.


There are probably other problems with your video and mouse hardware support.

I think Chocolate doom uses SDL, so the problem is how well the SDL you have supports the video and mouse hardware on that "board".


If you don't have SDL, then you might consider trying the DoomLegacy-X11 port, which only needs the X11 windowing system.

It also will try to create a directory "/home/yourname/.doomlegacy", where it stores save files and config.

For doomlegacy, you can try:

>> doomlegacy --help

>> doomlegacy -home /home/home_directory  -config config_file.cfg  -game doom1

Again, if you really need things more, then you have to change a header file and recompile, or even modify some code.

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